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With the spirit of Zeki Velidi Togan’s Introduction to General Turkish History, his groundbreaking work in Turkish historiography, the Field of General Turkish History aims to provide studies on pre-Ottoman Turkish History in related foreign languages and multi-faceted ways. The focus of the Field is on the critical importance of the steppe geography and Caucasia in the histories of Europe and Asia. Our Division offers the study of other foreign languages in addition to English to study the primary sources of General Turkish History.

Below is the primary studies and research by our Field:

  • Contribution of the comperative historiographies of Europe, Islam, and China to the Turkish history
  • Archival studies through multi-faceted and independent perspectives
  • The study of literature related with the Turkish history from the Middle Ages to the modern day in various practices and traditions

The Field of General Turkish History has an education and research agenda that prioritizes inter-disciplinary and critical studies in the language of the primary sources.

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